The Shame of It

Independence of thoughtless mind Government feeds the fascist mind With news reports of hate defined...

Explosions of the Mind

In glares of light that explode in the sky Just don’t speak to me, don’t you dare touch me Another squealing flare disturbs the night

Severin’s Lament

Poet’s notes: Venus in Furs is an 1870 novella and part of Love, the first volume of the Legacy of Cain by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. The character Severin von Kusiemski asks to be the slave of a woman he is infatuated with, encouraging her to treat him progressively in more degrading ways. Texte: I am … Continue reading Severin’s Lament

The Date

At a quarter past seven, I must dash For the Appleby’s expect me at eight A flick of oil to my silver moustache For Miss Emma-Jane I mustn’t be late A brisk evening walk buffered by the west And yesterday’s news flies across the street As icy blasts cut through my Sunday best Must hurry … Continue reading The Date

We Know

  You know I love you, I know that But today I need my own space My aching body feels so flat I’m out of time and out of place You know that I know you love me And I know you want to be there But leave me alone; let me be That way … Continue reading We Know

Love Unspoken

I once had a heart; now it’s broken She was once the love of my life From a distance, the best man’s wife I made my vows solemn spoken I still saw her just now and then I watched her smile without a care Hatches, matches, dispatches share Family ties gather again Until today, her … Continue reading Love Unspoken

Beyond Repair

All they can see is the fake smile As tears just flow on deep inside The hidden pain of feeling vile Old secrets words never confide Unseen, the tears are real and mine The tattered remnants of sweet love I tell you again ‘I am fine’ I dare not speak the truth thereof The love … Continue reading Beyond Repair

For The Love Of Rain

The languorous skies weigh in On hazy summer days Unbroken heat waiting for The whispers of rain Sultry nights of too much love Demanding bodies Already molten with lust Find coolness to sleep The moistness of sweat seems dry In rising summer heat Until the first raindrops fall So joyfully wet Fragmented summer evaporates Into … Continue reading For The Love Of Rain

NaPoMo 13: To a Friend

Today we grieve your leaving, friend As mourners walk on by No tears we cry as it’s not the end As our memories fly We lived without the reasons why The paths of life should send Us here, always seeking the sky As friends, we’ll never end © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Alternating Quatrains

Corvine 2

A tapping sound against the empty pane of glass; a writer’s friend has come to call The winter’s winds have left his food beyond his reach today. So, have my lunch my friend On darkened wings, I feel my lover’s kiss embrace my thoughts, my pen keeps writing on until no words remain. A hurried … Continue reading Corvine 2

Corvine 1

There is a jackdaw knocking on the glass While in the tree his nest awaits the spring We share a sandwich in the winter’s chill No crumbs are left by sparrows swooping down And in that brief moment I see her face A writer’s thoughts now drifting into dreams A hurried kiss before I leave … Continue reading Corvine 1

Rhythm and Groove

An empty bar, a quiet drink With time to think about The empty space inside my dreamless head Of words Unspoken still As if they never were The empty space I lie beside in bed And in my thinking I watched her dance The silver pole between her thighs That rise and fall And still … Continue reading Rhythm and Groove