Cabaret Voltaire by Marcel Janco

Cabaret Voltaire by Marcel Janco Cabaret Voltaire1916DadaAcrylic on canvasUnknown A crowded canvas portrays the chaotic action, sound, and fury of a night at the Cabaret Voltaire. A jumble of performers, spectators, and inanimate objects fill the space so it is overcrowded and almost bursting. The artist makes little distinction between the performers and the audience, … Continue reading Cabaret Voltaire by Marcel Janco

Wounded Soldier in the Night by Marcel Janco

Wounded Soldier in the Night by Marcel Janco Wounded Soldier in the Night1949DadaOil on cardboardIsrael Museum, Jerusalem Following the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1948, Janco created a number of pieces that capture the injured, the praying, and the ones in retreat. In Wounded Soldier in the Night, the soldier is depicted curled up in a foetal … Continue reading Wounded Soldier in the Night by Marcel Janco

Dada Bowl by Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Dada Bowl1916DadaVarnished/Lacquered WoodMuseum of Modern Art, New York, USA With this almost-minimal object of turned wood Taeuber-Arp demonstrates the possibilities of infusing a functional every day thing with a radical aesthetic. Using the nascent Dada strategy she attacks the bourgeois sensibilities of the corrupt world to the decorative arts. The Dada Bowl straddles boundaries. It … Continue reading Dada Bowl by Sophie Taeuber-Arp