No Regrets

You just couldn’t, more likely wouldn’t, understand how I am used to being alone. I am used to the silence and the emotional destruction of degradation...

#Writephoto – The Juicy Fly

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you KL My boys loved this video, probably as I was and still am a huge Rupert fan, and adore Macca, so I a going to run with taking a playful approach to frogs – here goes Ribbit – Image by KL Caley The Juicy FlyForm: … Continue reading #Writephoto – The Juicy Fly

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: Transition

Inspired by Carrot Ranch's Flash Fiction challenge prompt,, My 99 words on the theme of escape, and for once I am not falling back on poetry Transition Laying on the bed I couldn’t believe today had actually come. Looking out the window I could just make out the sea. The south coast of England … Continue reading Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: Transition

Just Too Old

For the last 18 months life, if one can call it such, has been laying in shatters around me, just scraping by in an existence where living is what other people do. Frankly, my life was a mess. A broken marriage, a pokey bedsit I call home, and redundancy, you get the picture, yeah...

Cause and Effect

The Tunstine Gazette, a local evening paper, carried the headlines Another Crash on the New Bypass. The report cited brake failure caused the blue Mercedes to spin out of control causing a 30-minute tail back of traffic. The driver, in hospital, but not considered to be critical...

First Date

Sarah was running late that Friday morning. After signing in at the late registration desk she had gone to her locker to dump her stuff. There was the note, same as every Friday over the last few months...

Edge of Twilight 5 – The Photoshoot

The Young Vixen had managed to convince Bel to employ Vanda and Reynard. Bel had been unsure, but the Young Vixen had argued it would look more professional. In return she had promised to tempt the Old Fox into joining them too. ‘He’d would look so dapper in some of her more gentlemanly fashions,’ Bel had said.

Edge of Twilight 3 – The Young Vixen’s Dilemma

Edge of Twilight 3 – The Young Vixen’s Dilemma The words of the Masked Bandit haunted the Young Vixen in the days following their confrontation. In normal circumstances she would have talked things out with the Old Fox, hoping he would have some gem of wisdom to help her. This time she was under no illusions, if she told the Old Fox what Rigby Raccoon had said to her, he would be insistent she gave up her new job.