Insomniac Witterings

Form: French Sonnet 9 Outside the night silent and stillEchoes with my sleepless thoughtsThe thinkings that go on untilMy mind and pills are in cohortsAnd dreams with memories refillSleep or no sleep I’m out of sortsA broken soul drifting through timeAnd living now a surreal mimeSad memories bring the dawn lightA dim farewell to shards … Continue reading Insomniac Witterings

Blank Verse Sonnet Notes

Blank Verse Sonnet NotesMeter: Decasyllabic or PentameterStructure: QuatorzainRhyme Scheme: None specified Example: Sleepless Night by Jez Farmer The night is waiting in silver moonlight,For lips to meet and share a lover's kiss,Between the hushened pleas and wanting sighs,As parting clouds reveal the moon is full,The night of sleepless dreaming has begun.The quiet stillness found in … Continue reading Blank Verse Sonnet Notes