The Windy Wheelbarrow

Rusty dusty spirals lay ahead of him and his eyes squinted as he tried to make out the other side and Antonick sighed in these gales it was impossible to tell how far he had come how far he had left to go but he knew he must finish his trip the queen was expecting him in her palatial nest just over the high end...


Form: Free Verse In darkness my eyes staresearching outwardseeking inwardthe precious hours of sleepsleep the space the soul can regretsleep the place the body can restsleep the space the mind can forgetforget the painof being awake and rememberingreminiscent of lost dreams and stinging eyesstinging eyes that never sleepstinging eyes scared by endless tearsrefusing to close … Continue reading Sleepless

Old School

Form: Free Verse Growing up getting smarterit doesn’t always make a pairhand in handwhen growing up had to be done fastand learning the ropes was taking too longlearning the answers that wanted to be heardand not asking questions of the wrong kindgrowing up too fastkeeping the head down when it should have been held highsacrificing … Continue reading Old School

Sensual Attraction

Form: Free Verse Let me see into your mindshow me the beauty within your thoughtsreveal your dreams and deepest desiresshow me your soulromance me by being yourselfshow me the amazing that is youmale, female, or everything in betweenlet me fall in love with your personalitythe person that exists beyondthe superficial binary of gender ©JGFarmer2021

The Poem of O

Form: Free Verse Are you ready for thisare there any more questionsin need of answers before I start‘cause once I start it’s too lateI’ll be tasting younipping herelicking thereand sucking just to find…placing rough handsright where you want them mostand right where you don’tkneading fleshstroking skinfeeling my way in to find…Ohhhhh!! ©JGFarmer2021

The Machine

As babes we are all equalwhen leaving the wombblood that is redand mother’s milk to be fedand then as we growthe equality myth explodesas the elite exploit the status quoof the cheap labourof no educationof working more hoursfor even less payonly to dieas nobody cares ©JGFarmer2021


Form: Free Verse Combustion engines and changing gearsthe power building behind the wheelfollowing the line of chicanes and bendsthe new charioteersbut what would the Romans have made of itwould the Emperor have shownthumbs down ©JGFarmer2021

Unspoken Words

Form: Free Verse The emotions that cannot speakas they have no words on my lipssurrendered as he kissed memy breath stolen by his mouthas his soul spoke softly to mineand I listened in the feelingof his whispers glidingfrom the back of his throatto graze over my lipsbefore growling into my heart ©JGFarmer2021