The Runes: Nauthiz

Nauthiz, Naudhiz or Niedis symbolic of a barrier or obstacle preventing us from doing something, achieving something, or going somewhere. Interpretation Nauthiz in the upright position represents an obstruction in life or a situation, and forcing our will against it will bring strife and tears. In the reversed position, Nauthiz is a warning of grief … Continue reading The Runes: Nauthiz

The Runes: Wunjois

Among the best Runes to draw in a forecast is Wunjois or Wynn because it is connected with great happiness or success. Often it is indicative of travel associated with an achievement or success. Interpretation In its upright position Wunjois will bring great happiness to any question, situation of person. Great success is also forecast … Continue reading The Runes: Wunjois

The Runes: Ansuz

Ansuz or Ansur represents communication and advises to listen as well as speak. Communication of some form will be important. Interpretation In the upright position, Ansuz advises that letters, phone calls and other communication will be important to the questioner. Communication is undoubtedly the key, and listening is equally important. If the questioner is bottling … Continue reading The Runes: Ansuz

The Runes: Feoh

In the upright position, Feoh or Fehu is symbolic of assets, wealth, and possessions. Historically, it represents cattle as anyone who owned cattle would have been considered very wealthy and well to do. Interpretation Feoh in its upright position represents an increase of wealth or financial gain and bodes well for the questioner’s financial matters … Continue reading The Runes: Feoh