Birth by Kenneth Noland

Birth by Kenneth Noland Birth1961Post-Painterly AbstractionOil on canvasSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA Noland focuses on the relational qualities of the three colours as well as contrasting the vibrant hard-edged rings with their neutral background rather than creating an illusion of depth for ‘Birth’. As the title suggests the circle is the universal symbol … Continue reading Birth by Kenneth Noland

Bend Sinister by Kenneth Noland

Bend Sinister by Kenneth Noland Bend Sinister1964Colour Field Painting, Post-Painterly Abstraction, Washington Colour SchoolAcrylic on CanvasHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C., USA In Chevron paintings , such as ‘Bend Sinister’, Noland puts the composition off-centre against neutral backgrounds. Noland’s titles are difficult to decipher, however ‘Bend Sinister’ alludes to the structure of the painting … Continue reading Bend Sinister by Kenneth Noland

Ex-Nihilo by Kenneth Noland

Ex-Nihilo1958Colour Field Painting, Post-Painterly Abstraction, Washington Colour SchoolMagna on canvasPrivate collection The late 1950s marked a major turning point in Noland’s career and in ‘Ex Nihilo’ Noland began painting simplified forms and carefully balancing selected colours to create something out of nothing. Noland had yet to find his signature style and unlike his later renditions … Continue reading Ex-Nihilo by Kenneth Noland

Graded Exposure by Kenneth Noland

Graded Exposure1967The Pictures GenerationAcrylic on canvasPrivate Collection Noland ventured into a new territory in the late 1960s with his Striped paintings. With ‘Graded Exposure’ measuring over six metres in width, he painted his stripes progressively thinner towards the top, suggesting the image is receding into the distance. The rainbow-effect also suggests a horizon extending beyond … Continue reading Graded Exposure by Kenneth Noland

Vault by Kenneth Noland

Vault1976Colour Field Painting, Post-Painterly Abstraction, Washington Colour SchoolAcrylic on canvasPace Gallery, London, UK Noland’s Chevrons and Circles created visual tension between colour and background, however, Vault is animated from edge to edge with colour. The shaped canvas allows the painting to echo and reinforce the wedges of colour that are the sole content of the … Continue reading Vault by Kenneth Noland

Beginnings by Kenneth Noland

Beginnings1958Colour field PaintingMagna on canvasHirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C., USA Beginnings, on a perfectly square canvas, Noland places concentric circles, thus marking the artist’s first attempts at basic forms and archetypal patterns. The circles are slightly irregular which may or may not have been intentional in its effect. The colours complement or contrast … Continue reading Beginnings by Kenneth Noland