Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: Transition

Inspired by Carrot Ranch's Flash Fiction challenge prompt,, My 99 words on the theme of escape, and for once I am not falling back on poetry Transition Laying on the bed I couldn’t believe today had actually come. Looking out the window I could just make out the sea. The south coast of England … Continue reading Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: Transition

Old School

Form: Free Verse Growing up getting smarterit doesn’t always make a pairhand in handwhen growing up had to be done fastand learning the ropes was taking too longlearning the answers that wanted to be heardand not asking questions of the wrong kindgrowing up too fastkeeping the head down when it should have been held highsacrificing … Continue reading Old School

Sensual Attraction

Form: Free Verse Let me see into your mindshow me the beauty within your thoughtsreveal your dreams and deepest desiresshow me your soulromance me by being yourselfshow me the amazing that is youmale, female, or everything in betweenlet me fall in love with your personalitythe person that exists beyondthe superficial binary of gender ©JGFarmer2021