Always looking in a mirror and preening Your vanity is beyond any compare Always your job, your hobbies, your everything...

Storm of Death

Form: Quatrains The air tastes fresh and clean after the stormWith skies still violent red in nature’s rage.As clouds gather into a thunderous swarmWe rush to seek shelter from the carnage. Who sees the butterfly, she’s lost alone,A flutter of wings as rain starts once more.She is battered by speed of the cycloneCrushed, she falls … Continue reading Storm of Death

Cypress Tree

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 1 Paint that spirals from the brush tells a taleFrom his eye the image his holy grailAs the turbulent clouds churn up the skyThe golden heads of wheat quiver and callTo where the shady green cypress trees sighOf an artist’s longing in the landscapeAnd he walks for miles to find nature’s viewWithin … Continue reading Cypress Tree

Soul Secrets

Form: John Tee Sonnet Where shards of light entwine with flowing streams,The magic sings with breezy willow treesWhile lovers hide beneath the rustling greenTheir wedding bed an old moss-covered stoneA secret place behind a weeping veilAnd love whispers with the water's laughterWhere shards of light entwine with flowing streams,The magic sings with breezy willow treesWe … Continue reading Soul Secrets


Form: Free Verse In darkness my eyes staresearching outwardseeking inwardthe precious hours of sleepsleep the space the soul can regretsleep the place the body can restsleep the space the mind can forgetforget the painof being awake and rememberingreminiscent of lost dreams and stinging eyesstinging eyes that never sleepstinging eyes scared by endless tearsrefusing to close … Continue reading Sleepless

My Hedonism

Form: Epistle To you who inspires my wicked dreams As you wonder why I do not seek physical satisfaction within the games of sensual desire we play the hedonist in me knows there is still so much more to explore. In essence I want to leave our love making overwhelmed by the future desires, thinking … Continue reading My Hedonism

White Sails

Form: Italian Octave 2 The masts chatter casually on the breezeFrom where there have been to where they will goThe trials and tribulations that flowAnd how the ever-changing tides at easeAs the weather-worn hands tack to the windTo follow the stars to a distant landThe white sails on the course he had plannedAns time shines … Continue reading White Sails

To Love

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 105 Only love can caress a broken heartEnticing it to feel the joy againBy easing the pain that tore it apartYet understanding the truth of a shy smileResisting the urge to give all once moreAs finding that strength within takes awhileLearning to trust is harder than beforeTo love again requires a … Continue reading To Love

Old School

Form: Free Verse Growing up getting smarterit doesn’t always make a pairhand in handwhen growing up had to be done fastand learning the ropes was taking too longlearning the answers that wanted to be heardand not asking questions of the wrong kindgrowing up too fastkeeping the head down when it should have been held highsacrificing … Continue reading Old School

Sensual Attraction

Form: Free Verse Let me see into your mindshow me the beauty within your thoughtsreveal your dreams and deepest desiresshow me your soulromance me by being yourselfshow me the amazing that is youmale, female, or everything in betweenlet me fall in love with your personalitythe person that exists beyondthe superficial binary of gender ©JGFarmer2021

The Poem of O

Form: Free Verse Are you ready for thisare there any more questionsin need of answers before I start‘cause once I start it’s too lateI’ll be tasting younipping herelicking thereand sucking just to find…placing rough handsright where you want them mostand right where you don’tkneading fleshstroking skinfeeling my way in to find…Ohhhhh!! ©JGFarmer2021