Nevada Sonnet Notes

Structure: QuatorzainMeter: heptameter or 14-syllable linesRhyme scheme: Any or blank verseAdditional Notes: Consistent internal rhyme occurring at the same syllable in each line Example Turning the Page by Jez Farmer Wanton desire to find my pleasure in the comfy nookInhaling fiery delights hidden in the mysteryTo then aspire to the intimate touch of true romanceHeld … Continue reading Nevada Sonnet Notes

Rubaiyat Sonnet Notes

Structure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: aaba bbcb ccdc aa Example A Blessing by Jez Farmer From out of darkness Mother, we call thee!In stormy winds, reveal thy destinyAmid the holy fire and cleansing flameRelease a crying soul and set it free.With pow’rs of seas we pray our ways reclaimFor we … Continue reading Rubaiyat Sonnet Notes