Ekprhasis Notes

The Ekprhasis is more about the content of the poem than specific rhyme and meter stylistics. It is poetry written on and/or about other pieces of art Example Majestic Gaze by Jez Farmer Poised, an Arcadian goddessAdorned in luxury and styleBeauty bursting from her bodiceArtist entranced within a smileOutside, a returning empireRestoring imperial daysAs paint … Continue reading Ekprhasis Notes


Form: Haiku once soft under feetdry grass scratchy between toessummer longs for rain ©JezzieGFarmer2022

Droigneach Notes

An Irish poetic form, the Droigneach consists of quatrains. Each line is 9 to 13 syllables long but should remain consistent within the poem. Line 1 rhymes with line 3, and line 2 rhymes with line 4. Each couplet should contain an internal rhyme or other sound echoes. The final word of each line should … Continue reading Droigneach Notes


Form: Haiku candle light flickersa trap, baited and waitinggust of wind saves moth ©JezzieGFarmer2022