La Campanella by Franz Liszt

La Campanella1851Romantic Franz LisztRomanticBorn: 22 October 1811, Raiding, AustriaNationality: HungarianDied: 31 July 1886, Bayreuth, Germany Liszt was a composer, conductor, virtuoso pianist, arranger, music teacher, and organist of the Romantic era. Widely regarded as one of the greatest pianists of all time he was also a philanthropist, writer, Hungarian nationalist. Liszt gained popularity in … Continue reading La Campanella by Franz Liszt

Danzas Húngaras by Johannes Brahms

Brahms was a composer, pianist, and conductor. He spent much of his professional life in Vienna. Brahms composed for orchestras, chamber ensembles, organ, piano and voice. A virtuoso pianist he premiered many of his own works himself. He is grouped with Bach and Beethoven as one of the ‘Three B’s’ of music...