Sapphic Stanza Notes

Consisting of three unrhymed lines of eleven syllables and one of five, the Sapphic Stanza is derived from the ancient Greek verse of Sappho. Each of the three eleven-syllable lines consists of two trochees, one dactyl and two trochees. This line is known as a Sapphic. The fourth line of the stanza consists of a … Continue reading Sapphic Stanza Notes

Hail Holy Queen

Form: Sapphic Stanzas In silver lunar, light divine,As by the Ancients cast foreseen,A message I could not decline,Hail Holy Queen! In one with Mother Nature’s lightThe Balance I have found in YouMy trust and fate I give tonight,May I walk true To use Your power as a giftAnd only ever with Your good will.For the … Continue reading Hail Holy Queen