NaPoMo 4: Incarceration

A cage of flesh
imprisoning the man
doing time
for being born the wrong way
and long hair falls over
my eyes
hiding the tears
of frustration from growing
in all the wrong places
so many questions with no answers
each breath restricted
as they jot down my words
assessing my identity
a long history of gender dysphoria
really, you don’t have to tell me, I know
but I listen and wait for permission
to take hold of that little white can
containing the potion
to begin the changes that will free me
but still I can’t breathe
so, I whisper I love you before falling asleep
oblivious to the pain of a surgeon’s blade
at last I can hold you close to me
as you say you love your man
and I feel guilty for doubting that
but you help me believe
all that I am is enough

© JG Farmer 2017
Form: Free Verse

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