A Journal Entry

Whilst I am not passionate about food, and don’t get a great deal of pleasure from eating I do enjoy cooking. Spending an hour or few in the kitchen is a form of relaxation from the world of words and this bugger of a keyboard. Yet it is still creative, and reliant on instincts. At the end of that I don’t really want to eat the results and have been known to throw the entire result of my cooking in the bin and settle for a bacon butty.

If I am cooking for someone else, I would much prefer they enjoy what I create while I eat a Pot Noodle or something equally mundane. That does get a bit of a reaction, so I try not to do it. It is not the result that matters to me, it is the process of cooking as I relax and just tune out of the world of writer. If the people I cook for enjoy the result then that is awesome and the icing on the cake, not that I make cakes that often.

If I am cooking to eat then it is microwave meals, instant and no creative faff. Egg on toast or a bacon butty are my food of passion, it doesn’t get any more instant than popping bread in a toaster and an egg in a poaching cup. Then again it could just be toast and Marmite, it simply doesn’t get better than that.

©JG Farmer 2019

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