My dear friend in the USA, Horty Rexach, the infamous (because I am always talking about her) Dr Rex of the It Is What It Is blog, has chosen to honour me with ‘The Prestigious Penable Award.’ M’lady Horty knowing you and reading you is a privilege and our friendship over distance is so precious and prestigious to me, and still you can do this and leave me speechless, thank you so much.

The rules of this award are as follows:

Tag your post with the #penableaward

Display the Penable Award logo (above) and follow Penable, if you haven’t already

Thank the person that nominated you.

Tell us what your writing talent is.

Answer three questions that you have been asked

Nominate three inspiring people for this award

Let them know of their nomination

Give them three new questions to answer!

My writing talent: Apart from art journalism, I like to think I can write poetry a bit and play with words, rhythm, and rhyme while I am at it.

So, Horty has asked these questions,

What will do you first after the lockdowns are lifted?
The smart-ass male in me says – go fishing but the lover in me will win without a fight as I share a first kiss after 3 months lockdown with my beautiful fiancée, Rebecca

Lessons learned during these uncertain COVID-19 times?

Seriously, that humanity is pretty much doomed as the materialistic driven species it is when there is nothing so wonderful or precious as the giving and receiving love.

Why do you blog?
In the beginning, to share my journey through transition, which pretty much I don’t really do and instead I started sharing my poetry and my love of art. My hope is others enjoy that.

Now to my nominees, who are not under any obligation to take part if they don’t want to, as I just want to say you are fab and I enjoy reading you.

Eugi’s Causerie



and from a wee lassie who is a huge fan of a man who writes with the Australian fairyfolk



  1. Thank you so much for The Prestigious Penable Award! While my blogs are award-free, I sincerely appreciate receiving this award. Take care, stay safe, and keep writing! 😊

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  2. Thank you Jez for the award and your kindness, I appreciate “The Prestigious Award”, however I’m not a receiver of awards, but for you my friend I will answer your above questions…..
    * My writing talent:… I’ve not much talent, and I’m not educated in the ways of writing….. but I have a vivid imagination, I can remember my dreams, and my words flow from my heart unabridged…..
    1. What will do you first after the lockdowns are lifted?
    * I’ll go to the Pub with my mates and have a beer….. and I enjoy my coffee and cake outings at my favourite Cafe’s, where I like to draft a lot of my poems…..
    2. Lessons learned during these uncertain COVID-19 times?
    * I’ve learnt how valuable friendships are, and how important social contact/outings are for our well-being…..
    3. Why do you blog?
    * The reason I started blogging was at the suggestion of my Philadelphia niece, Kerri…. we are very close and I was always senders my poems over to her, then a few years ago, she said “Your poems are very good Uncle Ivor, you should start up your own website”….. well I had no idea a the start, but here I am happily blogging away and writing “Fairy” poems for all of my interested “Fairy” fans…

    Cheers Jez.
    Thank you…

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    1. Thank you, mate, I think we both know I had no choice here, and who am I to deny the lil fairy queen; not that I am complaining as I get to scroll through a damn good poet’s blog for fairy poems and the delight in reading Uncle Ivor out loud.


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