Wrappings of Innocence

Form: Epistle

To the girl with innocent eyes.

Innocent? Well, I sure know different now. From innocence came my desire to practice the art of making love because you are everything I can want and need in a woman, and no I didn’t know when I first saw you. I couldn’t have imagined what was hidden behind the angelic smile.

Then, since that first night we made love, I have never felt such desire, like a powerful dream, out stripping every expectation and still I am hungry for more. Never again can life and love be the same. You are the completeness that is a woman making her man whole.

I was born to provide your body with pleasure, to take your hand and lead you to the edge of desire, caressing your soul with my touch before the crescendo takes the angel wings to flight. But you are no angel, you are my nymph – dirty, mysterious and insatiable.

Love you long time, your crazy assed poet xxx


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