Die Walküre Act 3 by Richard Wagner

Die Walküre: Act 3

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner
Born: 22 May 1813, Leipzig, Germany
Nationality: German
Died: 13 February 1883, Venice, Italy

Wagner was a composer, polemicist, theatre director, and conductor best known for his operas . He wrote both the libretto and the music for his stage works and established his reputation in the romantic vein of Carl Maria von Weber and Giacomo Meyerbeer. Wager revolutionised opera with his concept, the Gesamtkunstwerk, seeking to synthesize the visual, poetic, musical and dramatic arts with music contributing to the drama

2 thoughts on “Die Walküre Act 3 by Richard Wagner

  1. I adore Wagner. I grew up listening to all his operas. My father loved Wagner’s operas more than any others. The only thing I don’t like to hear is The Ride of the Valkyries – it’s been played to death – it’s the equivalent of Led Zeppelin on classical radio. (there’s other stuff on the classical radio that gets played to death, too). But most Wagner stuff I love. Siegfried Idyll is one of my favorites.

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