#Writephoto – Brother Stone

This week’s prompt from KL is entitled Stone and can be found here, https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/11/11/writephoto-stones/

Stones in fields, now that is a great prompt to come back to – how to pull at the heart, soul, and pen of a Pagan for sure. This one just has to be a Celtic form, however, I will spare you all my ghastly attempts at writing in the Welsh language, but yeah will throw in some drumming

Stones – Image by KL Caley

Brother Stone
Form: Cyhydedd Hir
Theme: Stones in fields
Subject: Time

How long has it been
In these fields of green
So proud to be seen
Both then and now
Has your time stood still
Is this your free will
Is it just until
I work out how
Beneath sacred skies
The ancient stone lies
His voice that of wise
When his soul speaks
Listen if I dare
Take time to stop there
His words said with care
As my soul seeks
My brother of stone
I sit here alone
But not on my own
For you are here
Your voice connects me
To the wild and free
In you I can see
Nothing to fear
Time is not for you
Keeping all things true
Guiding us all through
The ways of fate
Your wisdom is mine
In the ways divine
Sacred stone or shrine
How long you wait


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